Palworld | All Lifmunk Effigy locations

Palworld incentivizes you to explore its complete area by peppering treasures across its settings. Among these are the various Lifmunk Effigies you’ll find at every turn. 

Depending on the items you’re hunting, Palworld rewards you differently. Lifmunk Effigies serve a particular purpose: making your character and Pals stronger. The thing is, there are over 400 of these bright green statues only in the early access edition of Palworld—so you have your work cut out for you if you want to locate them all. 

How many Lifmunk Effigy are there and how do you obtain them all in Palworld?

Of all the items in Palworld, Lifmunk Effigies are among the most numerous. In total, users have uncovered more than 429 Lifmunk Effigy statues throughout the whole Palworld globe. This means you’ll undoubtedly notice some you haven’t gathered every time you explore a new region of the globe, though the precise quantity will likely shift over time. 

When you notice a Lifmunk Effigy, you only need to approach near to the statue’s base and interact with it when asked. This enables you pick it up and add it to your stockpile, which you may spend later to strengthen your character and Pals.

How many Lifmunk Effigy are in each Palworld biome?

Because there are so many Lifmunk Effigies in each of Palworld’s biomes, and that number is rising as more are found, we’re leveraging the most comprehensive database of Lifmunk Effigy locations produced by Map Genie’s Palworld files to offer you an overview. 

Let’s break them up into each of the numerous zones on Palworld’s map so you can keep track of them a little better. 

BiomeLifmunk Effigy: Out of 429

It would seem unfair to have 293 Effigy in the Forest biome, but that’s simply a broad phrase spanning virtually the majority of the center region of the map that doesn’t have a precise categorization.

The Forest covers from the beginning region to the Sea Breeze Archipelago, Mossanda Forest, Mount Floppie Summit, and all of the smaller neighboring islands that aren’t Tundras, Deserts, or the Volcano. But the issue remains, how will you utilize all of these Lifmunk Effigies once you acquire them? 

What do Lifmunk Effigies do in Palworld? 

Lifmunk Effigies are all over the area, but you need to carry your gathered rewards to one particular structure to release their real power—a Statue of Power. 

You may locate Statues of Power dispersed around the Palworld globe, mainly in ruins or churches. You may also create one in your base after you reach level six. Using one of the statues lets you trade your Lifmunk Effigies to enhance your Capture Rate while throwing Pal Spheres at Pals.

Is acquiring Lifmunk Effigies worth it in Palworld? 

Since there are hundreds of Lifmunk Effigies in Palworld, picking up a couple along the way is well worth your time so you can spend them at a Statue of Power to raise your Capture Rate a little bit. 

But, on-and-off testing for these higher capture rates has given conflicting findings that would imply Pocketpair’s coding for the boosted chances isn’t functioning as anticipated. And, because you can create more powerful Pal Spheres as you go through the game regardless, it definitely isn’t worth your time going out to grind Lifmunk Effigies unless you’re a completionist or can’t help but grab them if you spot them throughout your trip.

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