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One Piece: When Will Luffy’s Gear 5 be Animated?

One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda, has been one of the most beloved and enduring anime and manga series in the world. The journey of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat crew has captivated fans for decades, and with each passing arc, we witness Luffy’s growth as a pirate and as a fighter. Among the many exciting aspects of the series is Luffy’s unique combat ability known as “Gear” transformations, with Gear 4 being the most recent addition. Fans are eagerly anticipating the introduction of Gear 5, and they are curious about when it will be animated in the anime adaptation. In this article, we will delve into the world of Luffy’s Gear transformations, explore the possibility of Gear 5, and discuss the potential timeline for its animated debut.

I. The Evolution of Luffy’s Gear Transformations

A. Gear 2nd – The Speed Demon

Luffy first introduced his Gear transformations during the Enies Lobby arc. Gear 2nd significantly enhances Luffy’s speed and agility by pumping blood throughout his body at an accelerated rate. This boost in speed allows him to keep up with swift opponents and make his attacks more effective. The concept of Gear 2nd marked a turning point in Luffy’s combat abilities, showcasing his creativity and determination to become the Pirate King.

B. Gear 3rd – The Giant’s Might

Shortly after mastering Gear 2nd, Luffy unveiled Gear 3rd, a transformation that gives him tremendous strength and size. By inflating his bones, Luffy grows to a gigantic scale, granting him immense power to take on larger foes and destroy formidable obstacles. However, the drawback of Gear 3rd is its temporary nature, as Luffy’s body shrinks back to normal after the attack. Despite this limitation, Gear 3rd becomes a vital part of Luffy’s arsenal, making him a formidable adversary in hand-to-hand combat.

II. Gear 4 – The Boundman, Tankman, and Snakeman

A. The Boundman – Balancing Power and Speed

Gear 4, also known as Boundman, debuts during the Dressrosa arc. Luffy inflates his muscles and bones while coating his body in Haki, combining immense strength with increased speed and agility. This transformation grants Luffy the ability to take on powerful foes like Donquixote Doflamingo, showcasing his growth as a fighter and his determination to protect his friends. The Boundman form marks a significant advancement in Luffy’s Gear transformations, but it’s not the end of his development.

B. The Tankman – Unyielding Defense

After the events of the Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy introduces the Tankman transformation. This form allows him to increase his size significantly, resembling a massive sumo wrestler. Tankman emphasizes defense and endurance, making it ideal for absorbing heavy attacks and protecting his crew. It demonstrates Luffy’s adaptability and highlights the versatility of his Gear transformations.

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C. The Snakeman – Precision and Agility

During the battle against Katakuri, Luffy surprises fans with the Snakeman transformation. This form prioritizes speed and precision, enabling Luffy to deliver rapid and precise strikes. Snakeman’s unique fighting style catches opponents off guard and showcases Luffy’s innovative combat strategies. The addition of Snakeman further expands the possibilities of Luffy’s Gear abilities, hinting at the potential for more advanced transformations.

III. The Anticipation for Gear 5

A. Hints and Foreshadowing

Throughout the series, Eiichiro Oda has dropped several hints and foreshadowing moments regarding the possibility of Gear 5. Luffy’s determination to become the Pirate King and protect his friends continues to drive him to push his limits further. Oda’s storytelling has consistently highlighted Luffy’s growth and hinted at even greater powers yet to be unleashed. As fans eagerly await the next major arc, the anticipation for Gear 5’s debut intensifies.

B. The Power of Awakening

One crucial element that could lead to the development of Gear 5 is the concept of “Awakening.” In the world of One Piece, Awakening refers to a state where Devil Fruit users can extend their abilities to the environment around them. Luffy, being a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit user, has the potential to awaken his Gomu Gomu no Mi, the power that grants him rubber-like properties. Awakening could unlock new possibilities for Gear 5, allowing Luffy to manipulate his surroundings and elevate his combat capabilities to unprecedented heights.

IV. Speculations on the Animated Debut of Gear 5

A. Examining the Manga Progression

As of the knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Gear 5 has not been introduced in the manga. To estimate its animated debut, we must consider the manga’s progress and Oda’s storytelling pace. The One Piece manga is known for its intricate and elaborate plotlines, which often result in extended arcs. As Oda methodically unveils new developments, it is essential to give the manga ample time to progress organically before the anime adaptation catches up.

B. Considering Future Arcs

With the assumption that Gear 5 will emerge in a future arc, we must anticipate the introduction of new adversaries and challenges for Luffy and his crew. The progression of the story will likely involve a major confrontation with powerful foes, prompting Luffy to reach new heights in his abilities.


The evolution of Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear transformations has been an integral part of the One Piece series, showcasing his growth as a fighter and his determination to become the Pirate King. As fans eagerly await the animated debut of Gear 5, the hints, foreshadowing, and potential for Awakening fuel their excitement. While the exact timeline for Gear 5’s appearance remains uncertain, one thing is certain: Luffy’s journey is far from over, and his future transformations will undoubtedly leave fans in awe of his boundless determination and strength. Until then, we will continue to revel in the epic adventure that is One Piece.


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