One Piece: The Secret Pirate Crew On Egghead

One Piece chapter 1105, though relatively short, served as a bridge, setting the stage for imminent, larger events. Despite not being as flashy as anticipated, the chapter provided intriguing insights and teases for what lies ahead.

The Secret Pirate Crew’s Attack

Towards the chapter’s conclusion, a clandestine pirate crew ambushed a Marine vessel en route to Egghead Island. The assailants’ identity remains shrouded in mystery, prompting speculation among fans about the potential culprits.

Possibility 1: The Blackbeard Pirates


One likely contender for the mysterious crew is the Blackbeard Pirates. The Final Saga has depicted the Blackbeard Pirates divided into three groups. One group guards Pirate Island, another is led by Blackbeard himself, and the third, including Catarina Devon and Lafitte, has remained unseen. Notably, a Blackbeard pirate ship approached Egghead Island in a previous arc, raising questions about their current activities. The attack on the Marine vessel aligns with the Blackbeard Pirates’ agenda, possibly involving Vegapunk’s technology or knowledge of the Void Century.

Possibility 2: The Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Another plausible option is the involvement of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Oda previously hinted at the Grand Fleet playing a significant role in a world-shaking incident. This aligns with the Egghead Incident, making the Grand Fleet’s intervention likely. The fleet could rescue scientists evacuating from the island and confront the Vice Admirals in the Labophase. However, logistical challenges and the Straw Hat Pirates’ non-endangered status make this scenario less probable.

Why The Blackbeard Pirates Could Be On Egghead Island

Blackbeard Pirates Egghead Island

Considering the possibilities, the Blackbeard Pirates emerge as the primary suspects. Existing knowledge of their proximity to Egghead Island and potential motives involving Vegapunk’s secrets or the Void Century support their involvement. The Straw Hat Grand Fleet’s widespread dispersal and lack of imminent danger to Luffy further diminish their likelihood of being the assailants.

As the plot unfolds, the true identity of the secret pirate crew and their motives will be unveiled. One Piece enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter, slated for release on January 28, 2024, through Viz Media and the Shonen Jump app. The journey continues, promising revelations and epic confrontations in the expansive world of One Piece.

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