One Piece: Blackbeard’s Goal On Egghead

Embarking on the tumultuous seas of the Final Saga, Blackbeard, one of the Emperors of the Sea, takes center stage in the quest for the One Piece. This guide delves into the unfolding Egghead Incident, exploring Blackbeard’s multifaceted goals and the strategic moves of the Blackbeard Pirates.

The Egghead Incident Unveiled

As the Wano Country arc concluded, the Final Saga of One Piece emerged, marking the beginning of the end. The Egghead Island arc, the inaugural arc of the Final Saga, lays the groundwork for pivotal events. Notable clashes, including Trafalgar Law against Blackbeard and Kid against Shanks, underscore the turbulence of the current age of piracy.

The Egghead Incident Synopsis

The Egghead Incident revolves around Egghead Island, where a colossal Navy assault ensues. A fleet of 100 ships, comprising 30,000 marine soldiers, nine Vice Admirals, an Admiral, and a member of the Five Elders, converges on the island. Blackbeard Pirates, eyeing the grand prize, are also present, intensifying the chaos.

The Many Goals Of The Blackbeard Pirates


In the pursuit of becoming the King of the Pirates, Blackbeard’s ambitions manifest in acquiring the One Piece. The strategic acquisition of Road Poneglyphs takes precedence, with Blackbeard orchestrating calculated moves.

Calculated Moves:

  1. Intercepting Trafalgar Law: Blackbeard defeats Law, obtaining rubbings of two crucial Poneglyphs.
  2. Sending Unit to Whole Cake Island: Kuzan and Van Auger likely secure a rubbing of Big Mom’s Poneglyph.
  3. Goal: Obtain three of the four Road Poneglyphs, positioning Blackbeard closer to the One Piece.

The Egghead Unit Of The Blackbeard Pirates

Catarina Devon in One Piece

In the Final Saga, the Blackbeard Pirates strategically deploy units, intensifying their pursuit of power and knowledge.

Unit Composition:

  1. Combat Unit: Blackbeard, Doc Q, Stronger, Jesus Burgess, Van Augur.
  2. Pirate Island Unit: Shiryu, Avalo Pizarro, Vasco Shot, Sanjuan Wolf, Kuzan.

The imminent arrival of a Blackbeard Pirates unit at Egghead Island hints at a colossal goal, shrouded in mystery.

Why Are The Blackbeard Pirates On Egghead?

Blackbeard from one piece

The Blackbeard Pirates’ presence on Egghead Island is rooted in the pursuit of valuable assets, potentially involving Seraphims or even the knowledge of Dr. Vegapunk. Dr. Vegapunk’s expertise in deciphering Poneglyphs makes him a prized target, aligning with Blackbeard’s strategic agenda.

Strategic Implications:

  1. Knowledge Acquisition: Blackbeard aims to obtain information on Poneglyphs, crucial for reaching the One Piece.
  2. Satellites of Dr. Vegapunk: Targeting Vegapunk’s associates with Poneglyph knowledge to advance their quest.

As the Egghead Incident unfolds, Blackbeard’s calculated risks propel him closer to the ultimate treasure—The One Piece.

One Piece enthusiasts can follow the saga’s latest developments officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps, with Chapter 1105 set to release on January 28, 2024. The Final Saga’s intricacies unravel, promising a thrilling culmination to the epic tale of the Grand Line.

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