New World: Complete Guide To Gems

As you progress beyond level 20 in New World and acquire Tier 3 gear, the significance of attaching gems to your armor and weapons becomes evident. Gems play a crucial role in refining your build, especially for endgame PvP and PvE scenarios. This guide covers every aspect of gems in New World, including how to obtain them and optimize their usage on your gear.

Understanding the Importance of Gems

How To Find Gems In New World

Gems can be obtained through various methods, ensuring that you have a diverse range of options to acquire these valuable enhancements:

  1. Mining Ores: Gems have a chance to drop when mining ores such as Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Starmetal, and Orichalcum.
  2. Amrine Temple Expedition: Running the Amrine Temple Expedition is a great way to obtain gems, especially from around level 23 onwards.
  3. Late-Game Expeditions: Higher-tier gems, such as Brilliant and Pristine, can be acquired from late-game expeditions like Lazarus and Genesis.
  4. Supply Crates and Elite Chests: Explore areas like Imperial Palace, Myrkgard, Siren, etc., to find gems inside supply crates and elite chests during chest runs.

How To Get More Gems In New World

To increase your chances of obtaining gems, focus on improving your mining luck:

  • Equip a Miner’s Charm.
  • Craft a pickaxe with increased luck chance.
  • Consume luck meals, such as Roasted Potatoes or Herb-Roasted Potatoes, for a mining luck buff lasting between 24-30 minutes.
  • Explore late-game nodes like Platinum for higher gem drop rates.

Refining Your Gemstones

Before attaching gems to your gear, you need to refine them at the Stonecutting table. The refinement process involves crafting Cut gemstones using Raw Gemstones and corresponding essence motes (earth, fire, air, etc.). There are four tiers of Gemstones in New World: Flawed Cut Gemstone, Cut Gemstone, Cut Brilliant Gemstone, and Cut Pristine Gemstone, requiring increasing Stonecutting skill levels.

How To Attach Gemstones In New World

Attaching gemstones to your items is a straightforward process:

  1. Drag a Cut Gemstone onto the slot in your gear via your character inventory page.
  2. Ensure compatibility with weapon traits and damage types to optimize gem usage.
  3. Match the gem with the weapon’s damage type or trait for effective enhancement.

Every Type Of Gemstone In New World And Their Uses

Understanding the traits and effects of different gemstones is essential for refining your builds. Here’s a quick overview of gem types and their applications:

  • Carnelian Gems: Ideal for tanks, providing either Taunt or Calm effects.
  • Amber: Converts weapon damage to Nature and reduces incoming Nature damage on armor. Scales with FOCUS.
  • Amethyst: Converts weapon damage to Void or provides resistance against Void damage on armor. Scales with INTELLIGENCE.
  • Aquamarine: Adds Ice damage to weapons or Ice damage resistance to armor. Scales with INTELLIGENCE.
  • Diamond: Enhances damage and healing at full health on weapons, provides physical damage absorption and Elemental damage resistance on armor.
  • Emerald: Increases damage against opponents with low health or provides Thrust damage resistance on armor.
  • Jasper: Boosts damage after receiving three hits in a row or increases Strike damage resistance on armor.
  • Malachite: Improves damage against enemies impacted by CC, reduces incoming Elemental damage, and increases physical resistance on armor.
  • Moonstone: Increases damage when below 30% health or reduces incoming Slash damage.
  • Onyx: Increases damage against enemies at full health or increases physical damage resistance.
  • Opal: Increases damage with low stamina or increases Elemental damage absorption.

Best Gems For Expeditions

For endgame expeditions, using specific gem sets becomes crucial for optimal performance:

  • Base-Level Expeditions: Utilize Cut Pristine Onyx gems in armor for balanced Elemental and Physical defense.
  • Mutated Expeditions: Match armor sets to elemental damage presence, such as Amethyst for Void, Amber for Nature, Aquamarine for Ice, and Ruby for Fire.

Understanding the diverse effects of gems and strategically applying them to your gear is key to success in New World. Customize your builds with the right gems for a competitive edge in both PvP and PvE encounters.

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