MW3 | What is Battle Royale Preview?

Call of Duty developers are working on multiple features simultaneously. It might take a while before players see what’s in the pipeline, but Modern Warfare 3’s Battle Royale Preview aims to change that.

I enjoy trying out limited-time modes. When I saw Battle Royale Preview, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the name gave me some hints.

Here’s what we know about MW3’s Battle Royale Preview mode:

What does Battle Royale Preview mean in MW3?

It’s a temporary mode in MW3 where players can test upcoming Warzone changes before they’re officially launched. It’s similar to Riot Games’ Public Beta Environment for League of Legends but doesn’t require a separate account.

What’s new in MW3’s Battle Royale Preview?

The featured content may change if Battle Royale Preview becomes permanent. Currently, it focuses on Covert Exfil and Weapon Case, originally planned for Warzone Season One but added to this mode due to a delay.

This mode could help developers introduce popular features to Warzone based on player feedback. Whether it stays permanent depends on how the developers handle feedback.

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