MW3 | What is a Magnification Scope?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 presents quests and challenges, and one particular challenge causing confusion is related to the Magnification Scope.

As Call of Duty players, we’re accustomed to certain terms. The term “scope” generally encompasses all types of scopes in the game. However, the specific requirement for a Magnification Scope in challenges like the BAS-B camo challenge may raise questions.

Getting Kills with a Magnification Scope in MW3

In MW3, all optic attachments, including Red Dot, Holographic, and ACOG Scope, qualify as Magnification Scopes. To complete the quest, simply attach any of these to your weapon.

Equip an optic attachment to your chosen weapon and enter MW3 multiplayer. In case you encounter challenges due to bugs, try using the Cronen Mini Pro attachment as an alternative.

Getting Kills with an Extreme Magnification Scope in MW3

For kills with an extreme magnification scope, utilize FTAC Locus SP or an 8x optic scope. The term “extreme” differentiates these attachments from Red Dot and Holographic, excluding them from consideration.

To fulfill this challenge efficiently, pair the extreme magnification scope attachments with the best sniper rifles. Opt for sniper-friendly maps like Afghan and Highrise to easily locate and eliminate enemies, swiftly progressing through the quest.

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