MW3 | How to unlock the Soulrender melee weapon

As Call of Duty’s inaugural season of Modern Warfare 3 draws to a close, anticipation builds for season two, with a plethora of content on the horizon—including the introduction of a sleek new melee weapon, the Soulrender.

Resembling more of a sword than the typical combat knife, the Soulrender is set to join the ranks of other unique melee weapons like the Tonfa and the Karambit, seamlessly integrating into the battlefield when it debuts in season two. Here’s how you can lay claim to the Soulrender in MW3 and Warzone.

How to Obtain the Soulrender

Activision has not yet disclosed the method for unlocking the Soulrender in MW3 this season. It is confirmed, however, that players will have the opportunity to obtain it during season two, likely coinciding with the mid-season Reloaded update.

In contrast to the BP50 assault rifle and the RAM-9 SMG, it will not be accessible through season two’s Battle Pass. The official CoD blog for season two mentions that the means of acquiring the “ceremonial blade capable of razor-sharp cuts and deadly melee action in close-quarters combat” is currently undisclosed. Similar to the TAQ Evolvere LMG and HRM-9 SMG in season one, it may become available during the Reloaded midseason patch. Alternatively, players might have the chance to obtain it upon completing a special event in the upcoming weeks, although this remains speculative at this point.

The Soulrender boasts a unique “guard stance” feature that, when activated, enables the player to execute quicker slashes dealing additional damage. Expected to be a sought-after addition alongside the Ninja Vest and other new features in MW3 this season.

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