MW3 Horde Hunt Event Guide | All Challenges and Rewards

Season 2 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone has commenced with the introduction of a new limited-time event called Horde Hunt. This event requires players to eliminate zombies across various modes and gather cosmetic items. Here’s a rundown of all the challenges and rewards for Horde Hunt.

MW3 Horde Hunt Event Challenges and Rewards

The objective of Horde Hunt is to eliminate zombies in different modes and collect their bones or skulls upon their demise. Rewards are based on the accumulation of a specific number of items obtained from zombies.

Gathering bones and other items for the Horde Hunt event can be accomplished in the new MW3 Hordepoint multiplayer mode, Zombies mode, or Warzone. Four types of zombies must be vanquished during the event, each offering its own set of rewards.

Base Zombies

Players need to gather 10,000 regular zombie bones to complete this segment, with rewards tailored for the Zombies mode:

  • Epic Aether Tool – 75 bones
  • Speed Cola – 155 bones
  • Deadshot Daquiri – 310 bones
  • Epic Aether Tool – 625 bones
  • JuggerNog – 1,250 bones
  • Legendary Aether Tool – 2,500 bones
  • Elemental Pop – 5,000 bones
  • Ray Gun Case – 10,000 bones

Armored Zombies

To acquire the Tiny Screams charm, players must collect 600 skulls from Armored Zombies, available from the event’s onset.


A certain number of Hellhounds must be eliminated to earn the Dogs of Hell calling card. This challenge will commence on Wednesday, Feb. 14.


Eliminating a specific number of Mimics will reward players with the Cursed Ammo item. This challenge will commence on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

How to Get Killshot Skin in MW3 and Warzone Horde Hunt

Players can obtain the Killshot skin for the Swagger Operator by completing all three featured zombies sections: Armored Zombies, Hellhounds, and Mimics. Therefore, players cannot complete the full event until after Feb. 21.

The Horde Hunt event will run from Feb. 7 until March 2, providing players with 24 days to complete the event. The Mimics challenge unlocks in the third week, allowing players 10 days to fulfill the final objective.

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