MW3 and Warzone season 2 update introduces new feature to dive and slide easier

The season two update for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone discreetly addressed a frustrating issue related to randomized diving and sliding, while also introducing a helpful quality of life improvement.

Before the addition of slide canceling in Modern Warfare 2, players resorted to diving instead of sliding to evade gunfights or relocate safely. Following a year-long campaign urging for the return of slide canceling in Call of Duty, Sledgehammer Games heeded the community’s feedback and reintroduced the popular movement mechanic in Modern Warfare 3. Consequently, diving lost some of its appeal, but a new feature in season two changes this dynamic.

In Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, players now have the option to adjust the input that triggers dive and slide animations. The majority of players preferred the Slide Only option, as revealed by CoD YouTuber JGOD, who found it to have a more responsive 100-millisecond response time compared to the 200-millisecond response time of the Tap to Slide option.

However, JGOD also uncovered an unusual glitch that allowed players to dive even when Slide Only was selected by simultaneously pressing the inputs for sprint and slide. This unintended workaround provided the benefits of improved response time while still allowing diving, albeit unintentionally, leading to confusion for some players.

The developers addressed this issue in the season two update. They stated in the update blog that “Players will no longer dive while using the Slide Only option on controller.”

Furthermore, the seasonal update introduced a new Hybrid option, which combines tap only to slide, allowing players to tap while holding the sprint input to dive. This new option ensures optimal response times for both movement mechanics. It is recommended to use the Hybrid slide and diving behavior in all multiplayer and battle royale matches.

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