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Alright, fellow gamers, diving into the MW3 scene, we’re talking Hardpoint rotations – a must-know, especially if you’re gunning for that Iridescent rank in the competitive arena. Stick with me as I break down all the nitty-gritty details of Hardpoint rotations in MW3.

All Hardpoint Rotations per Map in MW3

So, here’s the deal – each map throws five hardpoints your way, popping up one after another, giving you a tight 60 seconds to conquer and defend. The name of the game is getting your team on that hardpoint and holding it down against enemy onslaughts. But hey, if they’ve got it, you better be the one attacking.

These hardpoints keep cycling throughout the game, and the squad hitting that sweet 250-point mark first, or having the highest score when time’s up, walks away as the victorious bunch.

Season 1 Ranked Hardpoint Maps

Now, Ranked Hardpoint is a whole different ball game, my friends. You’ve got only three teammates, and friendly fire is fair game. Let’s check out the Modern Warfare 3 maps in the current Season 1 rotation, along with some pro tips for each.

It’s all about mid and spawn control. If you’re flying solo, cover the blind spots your team misses. Playing with pals? Trap those enemies in spawn – no point for them.

Elevation is the game-changer here. Get yourself a sturdy SMG for P2; it’s a tight squeeze. Control that high ground for the upper hand.

SMG time in P4 inside the barber shop. For the rest, stick to the trusty MCW, especially in P2 and P5, for that range advantage.

Sub Base:
Map flips are your friends here. Predict enemy spawns and coordinate with your team to attack from all sides – conquering hardpoints 101.

Play smart and strategic. Predict spawns, coordinate with the squad, and conquer those hardpoints strategically.

Season 1 Quick Play Hardpoint Maps

Now, if you’re more of a casual player looking to boost your score per minute or K/D, Quick Play’s got you covered. Check out these Hardpoint maps:

Afghan, Derail, Estate, Favela, Greece, Highrise, Meat, Quarry, Rio, Rundown, Rust, Scrapyard, Underpass, Wasteland.

There you have it, warriors. Whether you’re grinding for rank or just having a good time, mastering these Hardpoint rotations is your key to victory.

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