Monster Hunter Rise: Beginner’s Guide

Monster Hunter Rise lance beginner tips

Embarking on a journey into the captivating world of Monster Hunter Rise requires strategic insight and the right tools. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter seeking a refresher or a newcomer eager to delve into the hunt, this guide encompasses everything you need for a triumphant quest.

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Monster Hunter’s Tried & True Formula

Monster Hunter Rise lance beginner tips

The Monster Hunter series adheres to a straightforward formula that has captivated players for years. Follow these steps to success:

  1. Select a specific monster to track down.
  2. Travel to one of the monster’s larger known habitats.
  3. Track down the targeted monster.
  4. Take on the monster. (Solo or with friends.)
  5. Use drops from the slain monster to craft new and enhanced gear.

After upgrading your gear, embark on new challenges by selecting more formidable monsters. The village tour provides tutorials and introduces you to the game’s flow.


Monster Hunter Rise Dango beginner tips

As you explore the game’s diverse areas, consider unlocking sub-camps. These fast-travel destinations enable swift movement during hunts, reducing the need to cover the same routes repeatedly.

A Belly Full of Dango

Ensure you’re well-prepared by visiting the Canteen before each hunt. Dango recipes offer various boosts, enhancing your skills in battle. Experiment with ingredients to create recipes that fortify you against different monster types.

The Different Quest Types

Monster Hunter Rise Hinoa Minoto quest givers twin sisters

The quest givers, Hinoa and Minoto, offer different quest types. Understand how each sister’s quests work to progress effectively.

Hinoa’s Quests

  • Village Quests: Drive the story, progressing through levels.
  • Special License Tests: Unlock higher quest ranks with Minoto.
  • Optional Subquests: Small tasks completable within any quest, offering rewards.

Minoto’s Quests

  • Hub Quests: More challenging endeavors, with threat levels scaling based on players.
  • Basic Low-Level Hub Quests: Manageable solo feats.
  • High-Rank Quests: Increase in difficulty as you progress.
  • Rampage Quests: More difficult quests in Low and High Rank tiers.

Training Missions First

Monster Hunter Rise Training beginner guide

Complete training missions to grasp essential aspects of the game. Covering core mechanics, Wyvern riding, capturing monsters, and introducing Rampage mode, these missions lay the foundation for successful hunts.

The Arsenal

Monster Hunter Rise weapon select beginner tips

Monster Hunter Rise offers a diverse array of weapons, each with a unique playstyle. Experiment with different weapons and find the one that suits your preferences. Notable beginner choices include:

  • Dual Blades: A button masher’s dream for significant damage.
  • Hammer: Tactical charge-up attacks for maneuvering strategically.
  • Lance: Powerful and straightforward, allowing blocking and counter-attacks.
  • Light Bowgun: An introduction to ranged weapons, teaching positioning and specialized ammo types.
  • Long Sword: Builds on damage dealt, featuring special attacks fueled by a bar.

Forging New Weapons & Armor

Monster Hunter Rise armor gear beginner guide

As you progress and unlock higher Hunter Ranks, visit the Steelworks to browse and craft new tiers of gear. Hunt specific monsters multiple times to gather required materials for crafting.

Upgrading Gear

Monster Hunter Rise armor gear beginner guide

Understanding the progression rate is crucial. After completing Hinoa’s lower-level story missions, you’ll move on to Minoto’s High Rank quests, where gear advancements become significant.

The Wishlist

Monster Hunter Rise Wishlist

Use the Wishlist feature to track up to 48 pieces of equipment you aim to create. It serves as a quick reference for checking recipes and notifies you when you acquire materials needed for wishlist items.

Endemic Life & Plants

Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life beginners guide

Interact with vibrant Endemic Life and gather crafting ingredients as you navigate the environment. Prioritize gathering flora and fauna for support items and seek out Endemic Life for valuable stat buffs.

Armed with these insights, you’re well-equipped to embark on your Monster Hunter Rise adventure. Whether tackling challenging quests or mastering the art of the hunt, may your journey be filled with triumphs and valuable discoveries!

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