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Feeling a bit solitary in Monopoly Go? Adding new friends can remedy that. By expanding your circle in Monopoly Go, you not only increase your chances of earning rewards but also stay abreast of each other’s progress.

I, too, ventured through Monopoly Go as a lone player initially. However, as word spread among my gaming companions during those queue times for a new League of Legends match, my friends list burgeoned. There are several methods you can employ to add friends in Monopoly Go, and I’ll guide you through each one.

Adding friends on Monopoly Go

You have three avenues to add friends on Monopoly Go: Contacts, Facebook, and the Invite link. Here’s how to locate them:

  • Launch Monopoly Go and tap on the Friends icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose Contacts or Facebook and authorize Monopoly Go to automatically add your friends by granting the necessary permissions.

When selecting Contacts or Facebook, Monopoly Go will prompt you for your phone number and Facebook permissions, respectively. Once provided, the game will automatically include your friends already engaged in Monopoly Go. To invite friends who haven’t played Monopoly Go before, utilize the invite button to introduce them to the game.

Simply copy the link generated after tapping the invite button and share it with friends eager to try out Monopoly Go. Clicking the link will direct them to the game’s Apple or Google Play store pages, depending on their platform.

How to fix the “failed to add friends” error in Monopoly Go

If you pressed the Contact and Facebook buttons on Monopoly Go’s Friends tab but no contacts appeared in your Timeline and Leaderboard, it suggests that none of your Facebook friends or Contacts are playing Monopoly Go. However, this presents an opportunity to invite them to the game via the green Invite button.

If friends previously appeared on your Timeline and Leaderboard but are now missing, there’s a possibility that Monopoly Go’s servers are experiencing issues, so it’s advisable to check its server status.

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