Monopoly GO: All Lasso Loops Rewards and Milestones

Start an exhilarating adventure with the latest gaming extravaganza in Monopoly GO – the Lasso Loops event! Replacing the Winter Games event, this limited-time experience promises thrilling rewards and exciting milestones, including dice rolls and sticker packs. Dive into the heart of the action with various mini-games, unlocking them as you achieve specific milestones. Here’s your comprehensive guide to the Lasso Loops event in Monopoly GO:

Lasso Loops Monopoly GO Rewards

Lasso Loops Rewards

Milestones, Points Required, and Rewards:

MilestonesPoints RequiredRewards
1FiveCash Prize
2Five20 Free Dice Rolls
310One-Star Sticker Pack
450125 Free Dice Rolls
515Cash Prize
615One-Star Sticker Pack
715Rent Frenzy for 10 Minutes
820Cash Prize
9100225 Free Dice Rolls
1025Cash Prize
36600Cash Prize
37700700 Free Dice Rolls
381300Cash Prize
39750800 Free Dice Rolls
40800Five-Star Sticker Pack
424,3007,000 Free Dice Rolls

How to Play Lasso Loops Event in Monopoly GO

Participate in the Lasso Loops event to win a staggering 15,645 dice rolls spread across 42 milestone levels. To claim the grand prize of 7,000 dice rolls, complete all milestones and accumulate 4,300 points. Earn three points for landing on ‘Tax’ tiles and two points for landing on ‘Utility’ tiles. Act swiftly, as the event lasts for only 48 hours, ensuring you seize its bountiful rewards.

Get ready to loop your way to victory in Monopoly GO’s Lasso Loops event! May your rolls be ever in your favor!

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