Modern Warfare 3: Juggermosh mode

If you excel at playing as a tank, then the Juggermosh mode in Modern Warfare 3 is likely to become your favorite. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to play Juggermosh mode in Modern Warfare 3

When a Juggernaut emerged on the map, it spelled trouble for everyone except the one wearing the armor and wielding heavy weaponry. Imagine a battle where everyone is a Juggernaut – that’s Juggermosh mode in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2. Juggermosh is a variant of modes like Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint, with players controlling these monsters from a third-person perspective.

While the basic rules of the base modes apply, Juggermosh introduces exclusive rules to spice up the matches. Your enhanced durability makes kills harder to secure, but headshots inflict increased damage, so aim for the head! Additionally, your heavy armor renders you immune to fall damage, and upon impact, you unleash a ground-pound attack, stunning opponents in the area. The highlight is a One-Hit Kill weapon positioned in the map’s center, giving you an edge over other Juggernauts.

In Juggermosh mode, you can loot equipment, deploy aerial killstreaks, and even don enemy armor to bolster your defenses further. Overall, Juggermosh promises intense action and heavy weaponry.

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