Mission Impossible’s Hayley Atwell Joins Science Fiction Movie Rogue Trooper

Hey, movie buffs! Hold onto your seats because there’s an animated marvel in the making, and it goes by the name of Rogue Trooper. Now, I know we’re used to the mainstream hype, but let’s take a detour and dive into the depths of this under-the-radar gem. Variety spilled the beans, and it’s time to unravel the animated tapestry that Rebellion and Liberty Films are weaving.

Rogue Trooper Producers Discuss Upcoming Movie

Let’s talk star power! We’ve got a lineup that’s turning heads – Barnard, Atwell, Lowden, McCormack, Shearsmith, Clement, Berry, Morgan, Lowe, Butterfield, and the one and only Sean Bean! Yeah, you heard it right – a cast that’s ready to breathe life into the characters from the 2000 AD comic book. Can you feel the excitement building?

So, what’s Rogue Trooper all about? Picture this – a “Genetic Infantryman,” the lone survivor of an invasion force, hell-bent on tracking down the traitor who betrayed his comrades. But here’s the kicker – his fallen squad mates live on in his gun, helmet, and rucksack, sharing the journey in an unconventional way. It’s a rollercoaster of action, politics, and a Pythonesque twinkle that promises a unique flavor.

Behind the Scenes with Jones and Fenegan

Now, let’s get up close and personal with the brains behind the operation. Jason Jones, the director and producer extraordinaire with Moon, Source Code, and Warcraft under his belt, shared his thoughts. “2000 AD offers a very different flavor of comic action: Political and brutal at times, but always with a Pythonesque twinkle in the eye,” he exclaimed. “Dredd was a taste of what 2000 AD has to offer, and now we get to show the world another side of the beast. It is a genuine privilege to be given the opportunity to make Rogue Trooper.”

And there’s more! Stuart Fenegan, equally pumped about the project, spilled the beans on the innovative production partnership. “The advancements in Unreal Engine 5 and the inclusion of MetaHuman rigs mean that it is now possible to achieve a very high standard of animation within an indie budget,” he revealed. “Working with our amazing partners at Rebellion, Epic, and Treehouse Digital, we are pioneering and developing a new creative pipeline that will enable independent production of CG animated films,” Fenegan added. Can you sense the game-changing vibes?

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