Metallic Rouge: Who Is Huey?

Directed by Motonobu Hori from scripts written by Yutaka Izubuchi and Toshizo Nemoto, Metallic Rouge is an ongoing original anime series that delves into a future where Mars is colonized and civilization thrives. Among the intriguing characters introduced, we shine a spotlight on Huey, a Nean with a captivating past.

Huey’s Intriguing Backstory Unraveled

The initial episodes of Metallic Rouge presented a tapestry of concepts and characters, making it a challenge to absorb all the unfolding information. In this narrative maze, Huey emerges as a character of interest, and we are here to unravel the enigma surrounding him.

During the journey to Wellstown, passengers included a journalist, a physician, an old lady with her grandchildren, a salesman, a mysterious long-haired man, an elderly couple, and Huey—the friendly Nean. Huey’s unique appearance, characterized by white hair and clear Nean traits, sets him apart. Unlike some Neans indistinguishable from humans, Huey is unmistakably a Nean.

Approached by a curious little girl, Huey faced questions about his Nean identity and past actions. Before he could respond, the elderly couple, under his protection, explained that Neans adhere to the Asimov Code, preventing harm to humans. This Blade Runner-esque rule adds depth to the Nean narrative.

Huey clarified his role as a bodyguard for the elderly couple, revealing his commitment to their safety. The elderly man hinted at Huey’s involvement in the Great War as a soldier but refrained from divulging details. A glimpse into his past showcased bravery and skill as a soldier, likely influencing his current role as a bodyguard.

During an ambush by the Suns of Ares, Huey took a bullet intended for the elderly couple, demonstrating his dedication. Despite sustaining an injury, he was criticized by the old man for not preventing the attack. The physician’s intervention and mention of Huey’s undamaged intake unit hinted at Nean physiology.

In moments of vulnerability, low on Nectar—a crucial substance for Neans—Huey received a life-saving dose from the physician. Episode three revealed Huey’s significant role in the Wellstown Nean community, identifying him as a member of the Council of Free Neans, led by Juval.

As Metallic Rouge unfolds, Huey’s past promises layers of complexity, adding depth to the evolving narrative. As the series progresses, viewers anticipate more revelations about Huey’s history and his role in shaping the future of the Martian civilization.

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