Megan Fox’s Underrated Horror Gets Optimistic Sequel Update

Let’s dive into the cryptic world of Jennifer’s Body – a horror flick that’s been quietly sizzling in the background, waiting for its sequel moment. Now, brace yourselves because Diablo Cody, the brains behind this cult classic, spilled some sequel tea, and it’s giving me all the feels!

Diablo’s Sequel Yearning

So, I’m scrolling through Bloody Disgusting, and guess what I find? Diablo Cody, the maestro who birthed Jennifer’s Body, is all in for a sequel. Karyn Kusama, the original director, might stir the sequel ship. The year was 2009 when we first witnessed Megan Fox’s Jennifer Check munching on male classmates. Critics were divided, but Cody’s got a different tune now – “YES! I wanna do a sequel.”

Cody’s Quest for Believers

Hold your horses, though. Cody’s on a quest for believers with deep pockets. In her words, “I just need to find… I need to partner with people who believe it in as much as I do and that hasn’t really happened yet. I need someone to believe in it who has a billion dollars.” Now, that’s some serious sequel passion!

The Evolution of Jennifer’s Body

Let’s rewind a bit. Cody spills some truth about the past. Jennifer’s Body, with its LGBTQ+ vibes and feminist messages, didn’t exactly win hearts initially. The movie had a rough start – critical bashing, commercial failure, you name it. Cody was in the salt mine, feeling humiliated. But guess what? The tides turned. People started singing a different tune, and Cody’s now riding the happy wave.

Jennifer’s Body Didn’t Resonate Initially

Picture this: Megan Fox, post-Transformers fame, stepping into Jennifer’s Body. The movie hits the screens, and boom – it doesn’t resonate. A $16 million budget, but the worldwide gross is a modest $31.5 million. Ouch. Why? Blame the marketing, folks. Fox’s steamy Transformers image got the focus, sidelining the film’s essence. It was all about Fox’s allure, not the story or the vibe.

Shifting Tides and Sequel Dreams

Fast forward to today. No official plans for Jennifer’s Body 2, but hey, things have changed. Megan Fox’s career has taken some sharp turns, and the audience sees her in a new light. No more just the Transformers hottie; she’s got praises for roles like The Expendables 4. The world’s different since 2009, and a sequel might just find its sweet spot.

In a nutshell, Jennifer’s Body might be gearing up for a sequel dance, but Cody needs the right believers to join the party.

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