Mastering the Perfect Guard in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

In the captivating realm of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, where engaging storytelling meets magnificent combat, players face the challenge of confronting multiple opponents simultaneously. In the heat of battle, mastering crucial mechanics becomes paramount, and among them, the perfect guard stands out as a pivotal move that can turn the tide in your favor.

How To Perfect Guard In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Wealth: Infinite Wealth - How To Perfect Guard

In the midst of combat, when your attacks conclude, and adversaries persist, standing your ground is essential. Failing to defend against enemy attacks can lead to a drastic reduction in HP, a perilous situation, particularly when outnumbered. Enter the perfect guard—an indispensable technique for withstanding a barrage of attacks.

The key distinction between a regular guard and a perfect guard lies in the latter’s ability to prevent status effects and reduce incoming damage. To execute a perfect guard:

  1. Time your button press just before an enemy’s attack lands.
  2. On PlayStation, press the Circle button; on Xbox, press the B button; on PC, press the Q button.

Achieving the right timing triggers a perfect guard, significantly reducing the incoming damage. While it doesn’t entirely nullify damage, its effectiveness makes it a valuable defensive strategy.

Mastering the Perfect Guard

Mastering the perfect guard hinges on precise timing. Press the designated button just before the enemy’s attack connects to execute a successful perfect guard. Be attentive and practice the timing to enhance your proficiency.

If you miss the timing on the first attempt, you can still attempt a perfect guard for the subsequent attack. Consistent practice, especially against lower-level opponents, will refine your skills, as their attacks deal less damage even if the perfect guard fails.

Is Perfect Guard Useful?

Absolutely! Perfect guard proves to be an invaluable ability, making your journey through the game smoother. Its ability to prevent status ailments and reduce damage provides a significant advantage. Practice and master the perfect guard to enhance your survivability, turning the tide in your favor during intense encounters.

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