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Macross Delta’s First Foray Into the US Is a Massive Missed Opportunity

Anime music has always been an integral part of the anime industry. From iconic theme songs to emotional soundtracks, anime music has a way of capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. Recently, the popular anime series Macross Delta brought its music to North America through a live concert featuring the anime’s idol group Walküre.

The concert took place on October 19, 2019, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The event was organized by the anime streaming service, Funimation, and the anime merchandise company, Aniplex. The concert was a part of the Walküre World Tour 2019 and was the first time the group had performed in North America.

The concert showcased the music from the Macross Delta series, which tells the story of a group of pilots who fight against a mysterious alien race using transforming fighter planes and the power of music. The series features a dynamic soundtrack with a mix of pop, rock, and techno genres, and the concert did not disappoint in bringing that same energy to the stage.

The concert opened with the song “Ichido Dake no Koi Nara,” a popular track from the series. The crowd cheered as the five members of Walküre appeared on stage in their colorful, futuristic outfits. Throughout the concert, the group performed other fan-favorite songs such as “Giraffe Blues,” “Ikenai Borderline,” and “Bokura no Senjou.”

The concert also featured impressive visual effects, including giant screens displaying clips from the anime series, laser lights, and smoke machines. These elements added to the immersive experience of the concert, making fans feel like they were a part of the anime world.

In addition to their musical performances, the members of Walküre interacted with the audience, thanking them for their support and expressing their excitement for performing in North America for the first time. The concert ended with a final performance of “Love! Halation THE WAR,” leaving the audience cheering for an encore.

The Macross Delta Walküre concert was a huge success, demonstrating the power of anime music and the passion of anime fans. It showcased the global appeal of anime and its music, bringing the anime world to life for fans in North America. The concert left a lasting impression on attendees and reminded us of the importance of anime music in the anime industry.


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