Lords of the Fallen: How To Unlock All Endings

In the unforgiving realm of Lords of the Fallen, multiple endings await those brave enough to navigate its intricate narratives. Each ending demands specific actions, with a misstep potentially closing the door to alternative conclusions. This guide serves as your roadmap to unlocking all endings, ensuring you emerge victorious. Let’s delve into the intricacies of each conclusion.

How to Acquire the Radiant Ending

Grants the “In Light We Walk” Trophy

Radiant Ending in Lords of the Fallen

The Radiant Ending centers on cleansing all beacons, sealing Adyr’s fate. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

First Beacon

  • Head to Forsaken Fen from Skyrest Bridge.
  • Defeat the Hushed Saint to cleanse the first beacon.

Second & Third Beacons

  • Traverse Manse of the Hallowed Brother, Tower of Penance, and Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.
  • Defeat Tancred and acquire Rune of Adyr.
  • Reach The Empyrean and cleanse the beacon near Judge Cleric.

Fourth & Fifth Beacons

  • Unlock Fief of the Chill Curse using the key from Andreas of Ebb.
  • Defeat The Hollowed Crow in Crow’s Nest.
  • Proceed to Upper Calrath and cleanse the final beacon.

Defeat the Final Boss

  • Enter Bramis Castle, defeating Iron Wayfarer.
  • Fight the Sundered Monarch, interact with the Effigy of Adyr.
  • Face Adyr the Bereft Exile in the Rhogar Realm.
Adyr the Bereft Exile in Lords of the Fallen

How to Acquire the Inferno Ending

Grants the “Lord of the Risen” Trophy

Inferno Ending in Lords of the Fallen
  • Play the game, defeating Colossal bosses guarding beacons.
  • Do not cleanse any beacons.
  • Reach Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters, acquire Rune of Adyr.
  • Defeat Sundered Monarch, interact with the Effigy of Adyr.
  • Use Empowered Rune of Adyr on all beacons.
  • Interact with Judge Cleric near the beacon in The Empyrean.
  • Enter Judge Cleric’s mind and trigger the Inferno ending.

How to Acquire the Umbral Ending

Grants the “Back to the Void” Trophy

Umbral Ending in Lords of the Fallen
  • Do not cleanse the beacons.
  • Free Gerlinde from Pilgrim’s Perch cell.
  • Reach Mother’s Lull via Fitzroy Gorge, Calrath, Sunless Skein, Cistern, and Revelations Depth.
  • Defeat Harrower Dervla, acquire Damarose’s Seedpod.
  • Give Seedpod to Damarose at Pilgrim’s Perch, progress questline.
  • Acquire Gerlinde’s Seedpod in Mother’s Lull.
  • Give Seedpod to Gerlinde, or complete questline for Laughter Gesture.
  • Defeat The Lightreaper in Upper Calrath, acquire Umbral Parasite.
  • Give Umbral Parasite to Molhu, place it in the open column.
  • Progress in The Iron Wayfarer’s questline.
  • Defeat Iron Wayfarer, use Withered Rune of Adyr on him.
  • Acquire Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite, give it to Molhu.
  • Place Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite in the open column.
  • Approach Pieta, Soulflay her to show her parasite.
  • Defeat Elianne the Starved, acquire Umbral Parasite.
  • Give Elianne’s Umbral Parasite to Molhu, place it in the open column.
  • Soulflay platforms in Mother’s Lull to reach Putrid Mother and trigger the Umbral ending.
Putrid Mother in Lords of the Fallen

Embark on your journey, make decisive choices, and unlock the fate that awaits in Lords of the Fallen. May your decisions shape the destiny of this unforgiving world.

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