Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Honolulu Waikiki Photo Rally Location Guide

We’re diving into the exhilarating realm of the Waikiki Photo Rally in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. And let me tell you, this rally is no stroll in the park—it’s a full-on sprint from West Waiki to East Waikiki, with a sprinkle of East Aloha Beach for good measure. Get ready for a wild ride through a vast, sprawling area that’ll keep you on your toes.

1. West Waikiki – Seaworthy Treasures

“Tropical Window Display”

Picture this: two mannequins chillin’ in a display case next to Seaworthy Treasures. It’s the store west of Cream & Berry and east of the north entrance to Worldwide Market. Easy to find, right?

2. West Waikiki – Cream & Berry

“Surfboard Sweets Shop Sign”

Head to Cream & Berry, the coffee haven north of Kiryu’s Hotel. The sign you’re after? Yep, it’s inside. Oh, and this spot doubles as the Miss Match minigame arena. Multitasking at its finest!

3. West Waikiki – Dolphin Statue

“Middle of a Park Square”

Spot the Dolphin Statue northeast of Kiryu’s Hotel, chilling in the grassy median where you first meet Oka and snag your Street Surfer. It’s a little piece of paradise, I tell ya!

4. West Waikiki – Mohala Shave Ice

Now, this one’s a treat! Capture the Mohala Shave Ice menu south of Kiryu’s Hotel on Aloha St. Cool down with a pic of icy delights.

5. West Waikiki – Alo-Happy Tours

Unmissable Alert!

As soon as you get the Photo Rally app, this is your inaugural shot. Snag a pic of the Alo-Happy sign outside the store. Easy-peasy, right from the get-go!

6. West Waikiki – Hawaii Plaza

“Shopping Center Entrance”

Here’s the trick: look up! Hawaii Plaza, east of Hip Hop Shrimp, might play hide-and-seek with its sign. Remember, beauty is sometimes up high!

7. West Waikiki – Pineapple Dog House

“Streetside Window Display”

Discover the Pineapple Dog House’s window display on the northwest corner of Worldwide Market Village, outside on Waikiki St. Snap away!

8. East Waikiki – No Surf No Life

“Behind the Surf Shop”

For this one, head to No Surf No Life, the weapon shop for the Aquanaut class. Find the sign on the south side of the shop, soaking in the vibes on Hula Ave.

9. East Waikiki – Snowtown USA

“Ice Cream Stand Neon Sign”

Sweet tooth alert! Capture the neon glory of Snowtown USA’s ice cream stand sign on Waikiki Street. East of Kevin’s Hot Dogs, south of Ahi Poke Garden.

10. East Waikiki – Guava Juice Bar

“Beside Mocha Mahalo”

Hints dropping truth bombs! Locate Guava Juice Bar north of Mocha Mahalo. Unmarked on the map, but you’re on a photo mission, my friend!

11. East Waikiki – Julie’s Gearworks

“Garage Logo”

Simple and straightforward. Snatch a pic of the sign inside Julie’s Gearworks. Remember, the go-to spot for weapon upgrades on Hula Ave.

12. East Waikiki – Oahu Burger

“Inside the Restaurant”

Craving burgers? Head to Oahu Burger, northeast of Aloha Beach Juicery. Picture perfect moments inside the restaurant, parallel to the beach.

13. East Aloha Beach – Aloha Beach Statue

“Surfboard Statue on the Sands”

Seek out this gem northeast of Aloha Seaside restaurant, standing proud on Aloha Street. Not on the map, but you can’t miss it!

14. South Waikiki – Surf Shop Kope Pot

“Alleyway by the Beach”

Surf’s up! Spot this rack of surfboards in the southeast alley, a stone’s throw from Vincenti weapons shop. A hidden treasure worth the find!

15. South Waikiki – Crystal Aloha Resort

“Famed Hotel Insignia”

Prepare for a challenge! Venture west from Aloha Beach to Crystal Aloha Resort. Beware of tough enemies; pack smoke bombs. The prized photo spot? North end of the building, outside.

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