Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Has Rebranded Kamurocho’s Sega Arcades

brace yourself for a surprising change in the iconic Club Sega arcades. Sega’s real-world rebranding echoes within the virtual realm, transforming beloved Sega arcades into the all-new GiGo arcades. This unexpected alteration has left Yakuza fans both intrigued and curious about the future of classic Sega gaming within the Yakuza series.

The GiGo Arcade Takeover

In a surprising move, all Club Sega arcades in Kamurucho and Hawaii have undergone a metamorphosis, shedding their familiar Sega branding for the fresh identity of GiGo arcades. The rebranding reflects a significant real-world shift that occurred in 2022.

Real-world GiGo Arcade

Real-World Inspiration

The real-world catalyst behind this virtual transformation is Sega Sammy Holdings’ decision to sell approximately 85 percent of Sega Entertainment’s stock in 2021. Genda, a Tokyo-based amusement management company, emerged as the new owner, initially expressing its intent to retain the Sega name for marketing purposes. However, by 2022, Genda announced a change of plans, opting to replace the Sega branding with GiGo across all arcades.

A Reflective Evolution

While it may seem counterintuitive for a game published by Sega to relinquish the iconic Club Sega branding, Yakuza’s commitment to mirroring real-world developments stands out. The evolving landscape of Kamurucho and other areas is a hallmark of the Yakuza series, showcasing a commitment to realism and an ever-changing environment.

Embrace the unexpected transformation of familiar gaming havens as GiGo arcades take center stage in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. The Yakuza series continues to surprise and captivate fans with its ability to mirror real-world shifts, ensuring that every journey through Kamurucho is a unique and evolving experience.

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