Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Cooking Ingredient Guide

Hey gamers! Ready to dive into the delectable world of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth and cook up some mean meals? Well, get your chef hat on because we’re about to explore the magical realm of food prep in this virtual adventure!

How Do I Prepare Meals?

So, you’ve reached the third chapter, and the tantalizing aroma of virtual meals is wafting your way. Head over to Kau Wela Market, Golden Green Grocers, or the Aloha Beach Juicery – the places with the green blender emblem on the map. Click “Use Ingredients,” choose your meal, and boom, you’re on your way to becoming a culinary virtuoso.

Where Do I Get Fruit?

Fruit frenzy time! Hit up the fruit vendors scattered around Honolulu and Yokohama. Chinatown’s Lantern Street is a goldmine – multiple Golden Grace Greengrocers and a small fruit market in Anaconda Park. You can even shake palm trees for that sweet loot – coconuts, watermelons, passion fruit, and a touch of mystery. Oh, and watch out for falling men when shaking trees – just your typical day in Infinite Wealth!

Where Do I Get Frozen Fish, Seaweed, and Herbs?

Herbs, Superior Herbs, and Supreme Herbs – nature’s gifts hidden in grass and shrubs city-wide. Now, for the aquatic delights – frozen fish and seaweed. Dive into the beach or fish for ’em. But beware of tough enemies lurking in sand mounds – it’s a seafood showdown!

Fishermen are your buddies here. Find them near water bodies, pay a small fee, and unleash the fishing pole magic. Quick tip: fishing beats beach diving for Frozen Fish – a gamer’s version of a seafood buffet.

Ingredient Location Cheat Sheet

Lost in the culinary maze? Fear not! Check this quick reference chart for a handy guide:

Food NameLocation
CoconutFruit Vendors, Shaking Trees
Passion FruitFruit Vendors, Shaking Trees
Mysterious FruitFruit Vendors, Shaking Trees
BananaFruit Vendors, Shaking Trees
MangoFruit Vendors, Shaking Trees
PineappleFruit Vendors, Shaking Trees
WatermelonFruit Vendors, Shaking Trees
Natural HerbScavenged from shrubs and grass (common)
Superior HerbScavenged from shrubs and grass (uncommon)
Supreme HerbScavenged from shrubs and grass (rare)
Frozen FishFishing, Diving
SeaweedFishing, Diving, Found in sand mounds
Mysterious SeaweedFishing, Diving, Found in sand mounds

There you have it, culinary maestros! Time to conquer the kitchen in Infinite Wealth.

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