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Alright, fellow Life Together RP enthusiasts, let’s talk about the urge we’ve all had – that sneaky desire to check out someone else’s virtual crib, whether it’s a buddy or a total stranger. Well, guess what? I’ve got the lowdown on some covert tricks that’ll let you casually stroll into anyone’s house in Life Together RP. Buckle up for the secrets!

How to get into anyone’s house in Life Together RP

Now, before you go thinking this is a walk in the park, let me lay it out straight – no breaking and entering without some tricks up your sleeve. I’ve narrowed it down to two go-to techniques: the Tent Method and LifePay. Let me spill the deets on each.

Tent Method

Easy peasy, folks. Whip out your mobile, hit up the items option, and spot the magical Tent in the list. Select that bad boy, place it so your character’s halfway in and halfway out of the target house, and voila! Interact with the Tent, and you’ll seamlessly teleport into the house. Smooth as butter!


Now, for those who prefer a touch of sophistication, there’s LifePay – a premium feature in Life Together RP that lets you go incognito and wander into any corner of the game, including people’s houses. For a mere 1800 Robux, you can snag this feature. Just hit up the eye icon in the top left corner, and you’re in business.

Is it Legal to enter any private house in Life Together RP?

Hold your horses, no need to panic about breaking the virtual law. It’s all cool to step into someone’s pad in Life Together RP using these methods. No bans, no slaps on the wrist. Just enjoy the trolling. But, and it’s a big but, if you bring out the big guns like trainers or scripts, well, that’s a different story – ban city, my friend.

So there you have it, the covert art of visiting others’ digs in Life Together RP.

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