Lies of P | The latest patch introduces a free weapon and armor

Just a few days ago, we informed you about the unique collaboration between Lies of P and Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the Team Ninja title that recently received its definitive edition. Now, Neowiz’s soulslike game has received a new update incorporating the crossover content and more.

According to the official Lies of P Steam page, the update primarily introduces Wo Long Fallen Dynasty themed content. This includes the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive, the Armor of the Honorable, and the Bandana of the Honorable: a halberd and a set for Pinocchio’s aesthetic customization inspired by the action RPG by Team Ninja.

Surprisingly, these free items are readily available upon installing the update on any version of the game (PC, PlayStation, or Xbox); they will automatically appear in the protagonist’s inventory without the need to complete challenges or other specific actions.

Additionally, the patch addresses various aspects of the game, such as fixing localization issues, resolving interface-related bugs, and making minor adjustments to the P-Organ, which can now be reset without requiring a Fruit.

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