Lies of P teams up with Wo Long for a Flaming Hot DLC

Two of the most influential Soulslike games not created by FromSoftware are teaming up for an official collaboration, as announced by the developers of Lies of P. Scheduled for release later this month, the collaboration will introduce a Lies of P DLC featuring a new armor set and weapon.

The announcement trailer for the collaboration between Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was posted on YouTube by the Lies of P developers on Feb. 7. The DLC includes a Wo Long-inspired armor set and a new weapon called the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive, showcasing the signature dragon fire and style associated with Wo Long. This marks the second collaboration between the two games, following Wo Long’s inclusion of weapons from Lies of P in September 2023. The added content will also be featured in Wo Long’s Complete Edition, which launched today.

In their official YouTube announcement, the Lies of P developers invited players to preview the exclusive Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive weapon and Armor of the Honorable and Bandana of the Honorable costume included in the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty collaboration update. The DLC will be available for free on Feb. 13, a commendable move considering that free DLC is still relatively uncommon in the gaming world, with exceptions such as CD Projekt Red.

Lies of P and Wo Long are often praised as standout examples of Soulslike game design outside of FromSoftware’s creations. Developers of the latter have also contributed to the Nioh games, which have received acclaim from Soulslike fans as notable entries in the genre. Both Lies of P and Wo Long have drawn comparisons to FromSoftware’s titles, with Lies of P being likened to a successor to Bloodborne and Wo Long bearing similarities to Sekiro.

The collaboration between these two Soulslike titles is a positive development, and fans can hope for more collaborations like it in the future.

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