Lethal Company Offense map: Expert Moon guide

An essential component of any high quota run in Lethal Company is the Offense map. Offense is a great place to start your next scrap run if you’re looking to pick up decent scrap for the quota, or if you just want to get away from all the Circuit Bees.

Guide to Lethal Company Offenses

On Lethal Company, Offense is a hazard level B map. In terms of difficulty and monster variety, it is positioned in the middle. After March, this map is the best free map and can be viewed for free. This tutorial will cover navigating Offense and surviving on a scrap-heavy ship.

Learning Offense: Weather, fire exit, and layout

The Offense Facility can be entered in two different ways. There are two ways to get to the fire exit: go straight from the back of the Home Base, past the overhead pipes, and turn left when you get to the corner of the Facility building. Alternatively, go far right from the ship. To access this exit, you’ll need an Extension Ladder or a Jetpack. As an alternative, though more difficult to pull off, you can jump onto the enormous pipes as the ship touches down on Offense.

If you wish not to use the Jetpack or Extension Ladder, follow the pipework after getting off the ship. Continue traveling until you come across a water tower on your left. Adjacent to the tower is a massive rock that is positioned tightly.

Approach the rock and hug the side on the right where a ridge is where you can jump. You will keep falling if you run forward off the ledge incessantly. Rather, reposition your target and leap to ascend the ridges on the rock. At all times, stay on the right side of the rock and keep going up until you reach the top. It can take some time to get the hang of this, but once you’re almost there, you can start running. From here, it’s easy to get onto the pipes.

Remember that if you visit Offense during a rainy or flooded period, you should follow a straight path from the ship to the main entrance. The quicksand here can cause you to perish if you take any detour. Use the pipes to get around quicksand and any monsters that come out at night thanks to the fire exit.

Find out which monsters appear on Offense.

On Offense, you’ll encounter Thumpers and Bunker Spiders; Hygrodere, Snare Fleas, and Coil-Heads are less frequent but still possible. There is less chance of encountering other, more deadly monsters like the Bracken, Jester, Ghost Girl, and Nutcracker.

Baboon Hawks and Eyeless Dogs will probably spawn after 3 p.m. The Earth Leviathan, however, is the most formidable monster on this map. Even though they spawn much less frequently, if you plan to be outside, we advise leaving a person on the Home Base to notify others in the event that an Earth Leviathan spawns nearby.

Be aware of the equipment you should bring.

With its typical Facility interior (no Mansion), Offense can easily lead players astray as they make their way deeper into the maze. To prevent getting lost, it is recommended to bring a Pro-Flashlight, Shovel, and Radar Booster whether you are traveling alone or with friends.

Bunker Spiders, Thumpers, and the sporadic Snare Flea that appear here are all easily handled by the Shovel. A very useful tool for lone players is the Radar Booster, which momentarily stuns the Coil-Head. You can only take one heavy object at a time, so be sure to loot smaller items before grabbing anything heavy.

How to endure while in offense

Because of the most recent railing nerf, to kill the higher spawning monsters, such as the Thumpers and Bunker Spiders, use a shovel and retreat while fighting. Recall that the Thumper cannot hear, and the Spider cannot see.

Assign teams to search for loot first at the fire exit and main entrance. Unlike the sectors closest to the main entrance, the fire exit is likely to spawn loot, so it’s important not to ignore it.

Naturally, landmines and turrets will spawn in. Be careful to pay attention to their unique audio and use the laser beam to locate turrets and landmines, as well as the red flash of a landmine. Go as fast as you can through the Facility, but when you come to any doors or stairwells, slow down.

Lastly, relocate every scrap to the outside of the facility. In case a fellow player needs the Pro-Flashlight and Shovel, you can also leave them behind. However, be cautious of potential spawning Hoarding Bugs, as they will pilfer any remaining treasure within the Facility.

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