Lethal Company Is Coming to Mobile!

Lethal Company is a major success that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, even outselling the newest Call of Duty game at some time. This has generated a query regarding Lethal Company’s availability on Mobile platforms (Android and iOS). In this post, we’ll fine out whether Lethal Company is heading to Mobile.

Is Lethal Company Available on Mobile (Android, iOS)?

At this time, Lethal Company is not accessible on mobile devices (Android and iOS). One of the main reasons this issue comes up with many Lethal Company gamers is because Lethal Company was done with the Unity engine, which we all know is utilized by many mobile game developers today.

If you make a fast search on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, you could discover knockoffs of Lethal Company around. However, none of them are officially distributed by Zeekerss. Zeekerss is the lone developer of Lethal Company, and it’s a huge enough battle to bring Lethal Company to the full release “finish line” on Steam already.

A little of a security disclaimer:

I wouldn’t advocate downloading any of those Lethal Company “games” from the mobile shops. We do not know who made these games or if the programming is safe or dangerous. If you wish to try them out, go with care.

Will Lethal Company Become Available on Mobile (Android, iOS) in the Future?

Lethal Company may become accessible on mobile devices in the future, but it’s distant from reality right now. Zeekerss has made no recent remarks regarding the potential of this occurring, and considering that Zeekerss seldom publishes and that we’ve been waiting for a v50 update for quite a while now, it is perfectly reasonable to infer that this isn’t a priority at all.

My informed assumption is that initially, we should wait out the complete version of Lethal Company to come out for PC. Only then can we start truly expecting for a mobile (or, who knows, a console version). Have patient; excellent things need time to grow.

Here’s how to glitch movement speed and run quite quickly in Lethal Company.

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