Lethal Company: How To Deal With Quicksand

Lethal Company’s lunar landscapes are fraught with peril, from Thumpers to Eyeless Dogs, but few hazards are as deceptively treacherous as quicksand. While it may seem like an inevitable demise, especially when laden with hard-earned scrap, there’s hope for survival. Here’s a guide on not only identifying quicksand but also mastering the art of escaping its clutches.

How To Locate Quicksand

Quicksand is a natural occurrence tied to the Rainy weather condition, primarily manifesting on moons experiencing such weather. Identifying quicksand involves recognizing a large, dark-brown patch on the lunar surface. These areas may be strategically placed, such as in the shadow of rocks, beneath structures, or nestled between hills. Importantly, quicksand won’t be visible during scans and may be challenging to spot in shadows or nighttime conditions.

For optimal awareness, reserve at least a quarter of your flashlight’s battery power, particularly if traversing a Rainy moon during the night.

How To Survive Quicksand

Escaping Quicksand

Surviving quicksand demands a blend of caution, strategy, and swift action. While avoidance is the best defense, unforeseen circumstances may necessitate escape. Here’s how to navigate this perilous terrain:

  1. Walking In: If you or a teammate unintentionally step into quicksand, promptly sprint backward to exit the pool without harm.
  2. Centered Entry: In scenarios where you find yourself at the center of a quicksand pool, sprint and jump towards the closest land to facilitate a safe escape.
  3. Teleportation: Players ensnared in quicksand can be teleported out using a Teleporter. However, this method results in the loss of all carried scrap.
  4. Escape Difficulty: The closer you are to the center of the quicksand pool, the more challenging it becomes to break free.
Quicksand Escape
  1. Scrap Burden: Carrying substantial scrap, around 40 to 60 pounds, won’t increase sinking speed but significantly impedes movement. Swift escape becomes more challenging.
  2. Stamina Management: Maintain at least half of your stamina bar on Rainy moons to react swiftly in case of accidental contact with quicksand.
  3. Drop Scrap: To prevent complete loss, drop any carried scrap quickly while moving towards safety. Although the scrap left behind is forfeited, it can be a worthwhile sacrifice to preserve additional resources.

In the moons of Lethal Company, mastering the art of quicksand survival is a crucial skill. Stay vigilant, adapt swiftly, and may your lunar adventures be marked by triumph rather than peril.

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