Last Epoch: What is Endurance?

Last Epoch, while an RPG, introduces several unique gameplay elements, particularly in its approach to stats. One such stat, Endurance, differs significantly from its counterparts in other RPGs.

What is Endurance in Last Epoch, explained

In Last Epoch, Endurance serves as a defensive attribute directly tied to your Health pool. Specifically, Endurance functions to mitigate incoming damage once a certain threshold, known as the Endurance Threshold, is reached. This reduction applies to all forms of damage, including Damage over Time effects.

For example, suppose your Endurance Threshold is set at 60, and your Endurance percentage is 20. In that case, any damage incurred when your Health drops below 60 will be lessened by 20 percent.

It’s worth noting that every player starts with a base Endurance of 20 percent and an Endurance Threshold equivalent to 20 percent of their maximum Health.

Is there an Endurance cap in Last Epoch?

Indeed, Last Epoch imposes an Endurance cap of 60 percent. However, there is no limit to your Endurance Threshold, allowing it to scale with your maximum Health. While having damage reduction upon reaching your Endurance Threshold can be advantageous, it also carries some risk.

Players often weigh the benefits of increasing their Endurance Threshold against other defensive strategies, such as raising maximum Health or enhancing damage reduction through mitigations, armor, or resistances.

While maximizing Endurance is generally advisable, achieving this may prove challenging, requiring specific tier-five suffixes. Players can augment their Endurance through various means, including skills, passives, and equipment—assuming the servers are cooperating, of course.

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