Last Epoch | Can you change your Mastery?

Given that Last Epoch features five Classes and 15 Masteries, selecting one that aligns with your preferred playstyle can prove to be quite challenging. Even after settling on a Mastery, if you find that it doesn’t suit your preferences, you might contemplate a change.

Here’s all you need to know about whether it’s possible to alter your Mastery in Last Epoch.

Can you change your Mastery in Last Epoch

Regrettably, once you’ve made your Mastery selection in Last Epoch, it’s a permanent choice tied to your character and cannot be modified.

For instance, if you opt for the Beastmaster Mastery within the Primalist Class, you’re committed to it. Similarly, if you initially choose the Warlock Mastery within the Acolyte Class, you’re unable to switch to either the Necromancer Mastery or the Lich Mastery.

While altering your Mastery isn’t an option, you do have the opportunity to respec your character. This allows you to redistribute your points across different skills and nodes. Given the plethora of skills and gear available, even though you’re locked into your chosen Mastery, there are numerous builds within it that you can experiment with. With luck, you’ll stumble upon one that resonates with your preferred playstyle.

However, if none of the builds within your current Mastery suit your preferences, your only recourse is to create a new character. Although this necessitates starting the leveling process anew, it provides the chance to create a character in a Class and Mastery more suited to your liking.

As of the time of writing, it remains uncertain whether there will be an option in the future to change your character’s Mastery. For now, if you wish to experiment with a different Mastery, whether within the same Class or a different one, you’ll need to create a new character in Last Epoch.

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