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Let’s dive into the awesome world of Last Epoch and explore these mind-blowing master classes! Picture this: specialized paths branching out from base classes like a gaming buffet. Each master class is a unique flavor, offering crazy abilities and mechanics. Let’s break down the coolest ones!

All the best Classes and subclasses in Last Epoch

I did the legwork and cooked up a detailed guide on all the main classes and their slick masteries. Choosing your mastery is like picking the right character in a MOBA – it’s make or break for your game journey, giving you those sweet passive bonuses and traits.

Mage Master Classes


Ever dreamt of mixing sword skills with elemental magic? Enter the Spellblade – the spicy fusion of swordsmanship and sorcery. Imagine casting spells on your blades, unleashing a dynamic combat style that’s pure fireworks!


If raw magical power is your jam, Sorcerers got you covered. These bad boys specialize in elemental and arcane magic, obliterating enemies from a distance. Precision and overwhelming force – that’s the Sorcerer’s mojo.


Meet the tactical genius of magical warfare – the Runemaster. Using ancient runes as their secret weapon, they cast protective wards and deadly traps. Imagine being the puppet master, controlling the battlefield with strategic rune placements.

Primalist Master Classes


Ever wanted to roll with a pack of wild animals? The Beastmaster is your go-to. Commanding the wild with unmatched dominance, they fight alongside fierce animal companions, turning into an unstoppable force of nature.


Druids are like nature’s VIPs. Shifting forms, tapping into earth’s wrath – they’re the eco-friendly warriors you never knew you needed. Heal allies, entangle foes – it’s all in a day’s work for a Druid.


Shamans are the storm-bringers. Wielding wind and lightning like nobody’s business, they summon gusts and bolts using sacred totems. Imagine unleashing the elements to scatter and annihilate enemies – talk about electrifying!

Rogue Master Classes


Precision and agility – that’s the Bladedancer’s anthem. Weaving through the battlefield with lethal grace, they’re the masters of dual-wielding and evasion. Elusive adversaries and deadly assassins – that’s the Bladedancer life.


For those who love the art of the long-range game, the Marksman is your guy. Sharpshooting with bows and arrows, they strike from a distance. Unparalleled accuracy, battlefield control with traps – they’re the snipers you need.


Imagine teaming up with avian companions for combat. That’s the Falconer’s gig. A unique partnership that opens up versatile combat tactics and aerial assaults – now that’s thinking outside the box.

Acolyte Master Classes


Want to command the undead? Necromancers are your undead puppet masters. Raising armies, siphoning life, spreading decay – they’re the dark lords of death and decay.


Delving into forbidden magic, Warlocks harness chaotic energies of the void. Corrupting and eroding reality, manipulating space and time – they’re the cosmic sorcerers you never want to mess with.


If transcending mortality is your goal, say hello to the Lich. Embracing undeath, mastering necrotic and frost magic – they’re the harbingers of death, freezing and decaying everything in their path.

Sentinel Master Classes


Enter the holy warriors – the Paladins. Blending melee combat with divine magic, they empower allies and vanquish foes with auras, blessings, and smites. Beacons of light on the battlefield – that’s the Paladin way.

Void Knight

Void Knights are the fusion masters. Blending void power with martial skill, they manipulate dark energies and rifts, surprising enemies with unorthodox attacks. Expect the unexpected!

Forge Guard

Forge Guards are the crafting warriors. Master blacksmiths turned defenders, clad in self-made armor, wielding hammers and axes with unmatched skill. Indomitable on the battlefield – that’s the Forge Guard legacy.

So there you have it, a guide to the epic master classes in Last Epoch.

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