Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Sukuna Will Always Win?

In the tumultuous world of Jujutsu Kaisen, the ongoing battle against Sukuna, the formidable King of Curses, unfolds with relentless intensity. Despite the relentless efforts of Jujutsu High’s students, Sukuna consistently exhibits unparalleled strength, leaving fans speculating about the perceived plot armor. However, Sukuna’s triumphs may be attributed to factors beyond mere favoritism. Let’s explore the underlying reasons for his overwhelming success.

Sukuna’s Masterful Understanding of Cursed Energy

Sukuna's Techniques

Unlike his adversaries, Sukuna’s dominance stems not only from his Cursed Technique but also from an unparalleled mastery and knowledge of Cursed Energy. In the intense battle against Gojo, Sukuna’s full might became apparent. Although initially outclassed, the aftermath revealed Sukuna’s strategic brilliance — holding back his true form to counteract Gojo’s formidable Infinity technique.

Inhabiting Megumi’s body granted Sukuna access to the Ten Shadows technique, specifically Mahoraga. Recognizing Mahoraga’s adaptability, Sukuna employed this Shikigami against Gojo. Through astute observation, Sukuna discerned that while he couldn’t directly cut Gojo, he could manipulate space itself by cutting the space Gojo inhabited. This revelation allowed him to nullify Limitless’ impregnable defense.

The Perfect Offense: Sukuna’s Cursed Technique

Sukuna's Techniques

Sukuna’s Cursed Technique, known as Dismantle and Cleave, stands out as a relentless offensive force. Dismantle delivers swift slashes, while Cleave unleashes a series of powerful slashes infused with heightened energy. Beyond these, Sukuna wields hidden techniques like the Flame Arrow, displaying unparalleled firepower that can turn city blocks to dust.

Moreover, Sukuna can employ ‘Space Dismantle,’ a potent version of his traditional slash, capable of cutting through space itself. This technique played a crucial role in overcoming Gojo and Kashimo, although it requires a recharge before reuse.

Sukuna’s Philosophy: A Driving Force

Sukuna vs. Jogo

Sukuna’s strength extends beyond his techniques; it resides in his philosophy of life and strength. Acknowledging his status as a walking calamity, Sukuna emphasizes living on his terms without concern for others’ opinions. While acknowledging Gojo and Kashimo’s strength, Sukuna notes their failure to seek strength for its own sake. In Sukuna’s eyes, strength for its own sake is the key to unlocking true limits.

Sukuna’s loneliness, often perceived as a consequence of strength, is self-imposed. He views challengers as individuals who hold him to a specific standard, seeking validation through confrontation. Sukuna’s solitude stems from his self-reliance and indifference to others, emphasizing the importance of self-love over external validation.

The Unmatched Mindset

Sukuna vs. Gojo

Sukuna’s ability to avoid isolation through strength lies in his unmatched mindset. While Gojo and Kashimo allow their strength to define their solitude, Sukuna lives for himself, driven by the goal of continual self-improvement. In a poignant moment with Kashimo, Sukuna reveals that having the love of challengers is more meaningful than having an equal, as challengers validate the strength of those they challenge.

Sukuna’s relentless pursuit of strength, coupled with his self-reliance, sets him apart as the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen. His philosophy, combined with masterful knowledge of Cursed Energy and devastating techniques, establishes Sukuna as an unrivaled force in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

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