Is the TFT PBE down? How to check server status

Though often considered a side attraction in the League of Legends world, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a dynamic game receiving regular patches, updates, new characters, and passes. To preview upcoming patches, you can access the TFT Public Beta Environment (PBE), provided the servers are operational.

Here’s what you need to know about checking the status of the TFT PBE server.

How to check the TFT PBE server status

To verify the status of the TFT PBE server, you can monitor the League of Legends PBE server status. As TFT is integrated into the League client, any downtime affecting League will also impact TFT. Similarly, if the League PBE server experiences issues, so will the TFT PBE server.

Riot Games provides a central server status website for all its games, including League of Legends. By visiting the official Riot server status page, you can ascertain whether the League PBE server is experiencing any problems. Any ongoing issues will be listed under the “Current Messages” section, while past incidents are documented under “Recently Closed.”

In the event that the status site isn’t updated promptly, another option is to check the official TFT social media accounts for announcements regarding scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

If you encounter issues and find no relevant information on the status page or social media, you can directly report the problem to Riot’s support team.

While it would be convenient to have a dedicated method for checking the TFT PBE server status, currently, the only reliable option is to monitor the status of the League PBE server.

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