Is The Outlast Trials on PS4?

The Outlast Trials marks the latest addition to the renowned survival horror series, and after much anticipation, it has finally been fully released across a variety of both new and older gaming consoles.

If you’re eager to experience some thrills, you’re likely considering purchasing the game. However, before you make your decision, you’ll want to know which platforms support it. Many gamers have opted to stick with their PlayStation 4 instead of upgrading to a PlayStation 5, and for numerous games, this remains a viable option. Thankfully, The Outlast Trials presents no obstacles if you choose to continue gaming on the PS4.

Is The Outlast Trials available on PS4?

Yes, The Outlast Trials is available for PS4, and it can be purchased, downloaded, and played directly from the Sony PlayStation store.

While some players initially encountered difficulties finding the game on the PlayStation store at launch, during our testing, the game was readily accessible for purchase. If you encounter any issues locating it, we recommend accessing the PlayStation store through your web browser to acquire the title and subsequently download it to your PS4.

Moreover, The Outlast Trials is not limited to the standard edition on PS4; you can also obtain the deluxe edition. This ensures that you won’t miss out on any additional content simply because you’re using a previous-generation console. Additionally, The Outlast Trials supports crossplay, allowing you to enjoy the game with friends on PlayStation 5 and even those on Xbox.

Prepare yourself for a spine-chilling experience as The Outlast Trials creeps onto PlayStation.

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