Is Skull and Bones on Steam?

Don your Pirate Hat because Ubisoft’s pirate adventure Skull and Bones has arrived. With the Open Beta starting on February 8 and the full release on February 16, you might wonder: Is Skull and Bones available on Steam? Here’s the scoop on platforms:

Can you get Skull and Bones on Steam?

No, Skull and Bones isn’t on Steam. It’s developed by Ubisoft, so you’ll need Ubisoft Connect or the Ubi Store, or you can use the Epic Games Store. Even if you buy it on Epic, you’ll still need Ubisoft Connect to play since it uses Ubisoft servers.

You can also try Ubisoft+ for access to Skull and Bones and other Ubisoft games.

Can Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store play together?

Yes, since the game uses Ubisoft servers, it supports cross-platform play. This means players on different PC versions, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S can play together.

While Steam support isn’t likely, if it’s added, cross-platform play would probably be included. So, all platforms can enjoy Skull and Bones together, even though it’s not on Steam.

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