Is Skull and Bones down? Skull and Bones server status

Skull and Bones is Ubisoft’s latest game, allowing players to live out their pirate fantasies. However, one drawback is the occasional server connectivity problems, a far cry from the seamless experience of real pirate life.

Periodically, Skull and Bones undergoes maintenance, during which attempts to log in may result in disconnection errors. Additionally, unforeseen outages may occur, preventing access to the servers.

Here’s how to determine if Skull and Bones is experiencing server issues and when it’s expected to be back online.

Is the Skull and Bones server down?

Yes, the Skull and Bones servers are currently offline following the conclusion of the game’s first beta test. This beta test, held from Feb. 8 to 11, provided players with a brief glimpse into Ubisoft’s pirate world, with any progress saved for the full release.

The servers will remain offline until the game’s official release on Friday, Feb. 16. While the exact launch time hasn’t been confirmed, Ubisoft is likely to announce it sometime this week.

How to check Skull and Bones server status?

To verify whether Skull and Bones servers are undergoing maintenance or experiencing an unexpected outage, consult the game’s X account (formerly Twitter). The Ubisoft team frequently updates players on any changes or issues via this platform.

Alternatively, you can join the official Skull and Bones Discord server, which features an announcements channel used for emergency server notifications. It’s also a hub for the Skull and Bones community and often the primary source of information about game updates.

Once the game is live, Ubisoft may temporarily take servers offline for scheduled maintenance or bug fixes. During this period, logging in is unlikely, but you can confirm if the connection issues are server-related by checking the aforementioned social media platforms.

If everything appears normal on the server side, the issue may lie with your own connection.

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