Is Manaphy in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has been gradually incorporating Pokémon from each generation since its launch in 2016, yet players frequently inquire about the addition of specific species. Manaphy is one such Pokémon that garners attention due to its rarity.

As a Mythical Pokémon, Manaphy ranks among the rarest species in the entire franchise and was initially obtainable only through the Pokémon Rangers DS game. Pokémon Go typically introduces Mythical Pokémon as special encounters during events, albeit these encounters are sparse and sometimes entail certain costs.

Can you catch Manaphy in Pokémon Go?

Currently, Manaphy is not available in Pokémon Go. There were speculations among players that the Water-type Mythical Pokémon might be introduced during the Go Tour: Sinnoh event; however, this did not come to fruition.

Traditionally, during Go Tour events based on specific regions, Niantic ensured that every Pokémon from that respective generation was accessible in some capacity. However, this was not the case with Go Tour: Sinnoh, leaving Manaphy absent from Pokémon Go.

Prior to Go Tour: Sinnoh, Niantic conveyed to Dot Esports that Manaphy, along with Arceus and Phione, are considered “extra special” and will be accorded “dedicated space” when they eventually debut in Pokémon Go. This suggests that Niantic intends to feature these Mythical Pokémon prominently in future events or perhaps incorporate them into new Masterwork Research endeavors.

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