Is Last Epoch multiplayer?

Although solo play is an option, players are curious about the possibility of exploring Eterra alongside friends. Here’s all you need to understand about multiplayer functionality in Last Epoch.

Does Last Epoch have multiplayer?

Last Epoch features cooperative multiplayer gameplay, allowing up to four players (including yourself and three friends) to unite online, embarking on adventures across the diverse landscapes of Eterra, tackling quests, progressing through the campaign, and confronting the challenges of the Monolith together. As of the latest information available, Eleventh Hour Games has not indicated any plans to raise the party limit beyond four players.

Several aspects of Last Epoch’s cooperative mode should be taken into consideration:

  • All participants must maintain an “online” character status, meaning parties cannot be formed with individuals playing in offline mode.
  • It’s necessary for players to have one another added on Steam, with each person owning a copy of Last Epoch. With the friends list accessible, you can swiftly portal to a friend’s location and commence your joint adventures.

Despite the enjoyment many players derive from teaming up with friends in Last Epoch, there have been reported issues with the online cooperative mode, such as server delays, instances failing to load correctly, players entering incorrect instances, and instances of invisible players. Some individuals have even encountered significant spikes in RAM usage attributed to multiplayer sessions.

While cooperative play can offer a rewarding experience, potential downsides like these may be encountered. The development team is actively addressing these concerns, and it’s hoped that ongoing efforts will mitigate server and instance-related issues.

Can I play local co-op in Last Epoch?

Regrettably, Last Epoch does not support couch co-op, local co-op, or offline cooperative modes, meaning you and your friends cannot gather in the same physical location to partake in Eterra’s adventures together offline. This absence is somewhat disappointing, as an offline cooperative option could potentially alleviate some of the server and loading problems encountered in online multiplayer.

Currently, Last Epoch exclusively offers online cooperative multiplayer, with the caveat that players may encounter occasional bugs, latency issues, and glitches during gameplay.

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