Is Halo coming to PlayStation?

Microsoft’s potential move to make exclusive titles cross-platform has stirred speculation about beloved franchises like Halo possibly heading to PlayStation.

Throughout early 2024, insider reports have hinted at Xbox’s consideration of a “multi-platform” approach for games like Starfield, Sea of Thieves, Hi-Fi Rush, and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

But what about Halo, a flagship Xbox series?

Is Halo going to be on PlayStation?

Currently, there’s no confirmation of any Xbox games going cross-platform, including Halo Infinite. However, gaming insider Jeff Grubb suggests Gears of War may also make a PlayStation move, raising questions about Halo’s fate.

Considering Halo’s recent challenges, such as the underwhelming launch of Halo Infinite, expanding to PlayStation could revitalize the franchise.

Xbox head Phil Spencer’s upcoming “business update event” may provide clarity on the matter soon.

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