Is Crusader Kings 3 Legends of the Dead worth it?

The recent DLC expansion, Legends of the Dead, for Crusader Kings 3 has garnered generally positive reviews since its release on March 4th, leaving prospective players curious about its value within the Crusader Kings series.

In this review, we delve into the details of the Legends of the Dead DLC to help you determine whether it merits your investment of time and money.

What’s included in Crusader Kings 3 Legends of the Dead?

The Legends of the Dead expansion introduces several new features, enriching the gameplay experience for Crusader Kings 3 players. Key additions include:

  • A novel legendary play style offering fresh actions and decisions.
  • Legends attainable through commissions.
  • Court chroniclers aiding in the dissemination of your legacy.
  • New legacy buildings unlocked progressively with your legendary reputation.
  • Two new legacies: the heroic dynastic legacy and the legitimacy legacy.
  • A revamped map table.
  • Additional clothing varieties.
  • Enhanced holding designs.
  • New unit models.
  • Legendary feasts featuring bardic and poetic creations inspired by your deeds.
  • Introduction of new illnesses affecting player courts, including The Black Death, demanding preparation.

For further details, visit Paradox Interactive’s official website to explore the full array of new features in Legends of the Dead.

Should you buy Crusader Kings 3 Legends of the Dead?

If you’re a devoted fan of the Crusader Kings series, Legends of the Dead offers substantial content enhancements, particularly with its new legacy features enabling the construction of enduring legacies beyond death. For existing Crusader Kings 3 enthusiasts, this expansion undoubtedly enriches the gaming experience.

For newcomers to Crusader Kings 3, start with the base game to gauge your interest. If you find it engaging and crave more content, then Legends of the Dead is a must-try. However, if strategy games or RPGs aren’t your forte, this expansion may not be suitable.

In essence, the decision on whether Legends of the Dead is a worthy expansion boils down to personal gaming preferences and the desire for additional content.

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