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Infinite Craft offers boundless possibilities beyond real-world creations—you can venture into the realm of imagination and craft fictional characters like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. However, crafting this iconic character requires patience, as it involves combining over 45 elements.

Neal.Fun’s latest sensation challenges players to think creatively and establish connections between concepts to unlock unprecedented elements. True to its name, Infinite Craft boasts an endless array of crafting recipes, spanning from abstract notions like time to everyday objects such as trees, and even beloved fictional characters like those from Star Wars, Peter Griffin, Pikachu, and The Simpsons.

How to make Goku in Infinite Craft

To craft Goku in Infinite Craft, you’ll embark on a journey involving the fusion of Dragon Ball Z and Anime. Both elements entail intricate crafting paths, which we’ll delineate below.

How to make Anime in Infinite Craft

Starting with Anime is advisable due to its simpler recipe. To create Anime, combine Japan and America. Begin with the basic elements and progress to Continent and Lake to obtain America, and Sushi and Land to acquire Japan.

Begin by crafting America to unlock the Continent element necessary for Japan. Follow these steps to obtain America in Infinite Craft:

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Mountain + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Lake = Ocean
  • Ocean + Earth = Island
  • Island + Earth = Continent
  • Continent + Lake = America

With Continent unlocked, craft Land and combine it with Sushi to form Japan. Here’s the complete recipe to create Japan in Infinite Craft:

  • Water + Earth = Plant
  • Plant + Water = Swamp
  • Swamp + Plant = Venus Flytrap
  • Venus Flytrap + Ocean = Seaweed
  • Seaweed + Mountain = Sushi
  • Earth + Continent = Land
  • Land + Sushi = Japan

Combine America with Japan to obtain Anime! You’re now halfway there: Proceed to the second part of the main recipe, Dragon Ball Z.

How to make Dragon Ball Z in Infinite Craft

Crafting Dragon Ball Z requires Human to be unlocked; otherwise, you’ll face additional challenges. Refer to our guide on crafting Human in Infinite Craft if you haven’t already done so.

Here’s a step-by-step process to obtain Dragon Ball Z in Infinite Craft:

  • Fire + Tree = Ash
  • Ash + Continent = Asia
  • Asia + Human = Chinese
  • Chinese + Island = China
  • China + Japan = War
  • War + War = Battle
  • Battle + War = Fight
  • Fight + Anime = Dragon Ball Z

Once you’ve obtained Dragon Ball Z and Japan, combine them to add everyone’s favorite Super Saiyan warrior to your collection! But the excitement doesn’t end there—here are additional combinations involving Dragon Ball Z and Goku:

  • Goku + Dragon Ball Z = Super Saiyan
  • Goku + Earth = Vegeta
  • Goku + Flower = Saiyan
  • Goku + Asia = Dragon Ball
  • Goku + Water = Kamehameha
  • Goku + America = Superman
  • Goku + Chinese = Kung Fu
  • Goku + Mountain = Gohan
  • Dragon Ball Z + Time = Dragon Ball Z Kai
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