Idols in Last Epoch Explained

In Last Epoch, there’s a diverse array of gear for players to collect, and Idols serve as a fantastic method to enhance passive damage. This guide will elucidate how to start equipping these items and the benefits they offer.

How to Unlock Idols in Last Epoch

Idols become available upon completing main quests and reaching the Council Chambers for the first time. By progressing along the main story path, you’ll typically acquire your initial two Idols around level 12. However, the timing may vary depending on your exploration and farming activities. Regardless, access to Idols is contingent upon reaching the Council Chambers initially.

It’s worth noting that you can’t teleport directly to the Council Chambers to obtain your first Idols for passive benefits. Instead, you must complete the first few chapters and then interact with Elder Gaspar, who resides in the same Hub area. He provides you with two Idols and the necessary slots to equip them. Without these slots, Idols are rendered ineffective, making teleportation futile in this scenario.

How to Equip Idols In Last Epoch

To equip Idols, open your inventory and drag them to the empty blocks at the top right of the screen. Upon your initial interaction with Elder Gaspar, you’ll have a total of four blocks available for Idol placement. This allows you to accommodate both vertical and horizontal Idols. As you acquire more Idols throughout the game, you can rearrange them akin to a Tetris puzzle. Larger Idols typically confer greater power.

Advancing further in the main story will unlock additional spaces for Idols in your inventory. A significant portion of your character’s power hinges on this aspect of the game, and for some builds, a noteworthy Idol can completely alter their functionality. While every Idol offers a passive bonus, late-game drops can introduce remarkable damage or ability enhancements to your Last Epoch character.

Shortly after acquiring Idols, you’ll encounter your first Mastery.

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