How to wrangle every Chocobo in FF7 Rebirth

Wrangling chocobos can be a daunting task in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, especially considering their importance for exploration. If you’re struggling to capture all the chocobos across the continent, this guide is here to help.

Chocobo capture guide

This guide covers all chocobos except for the Grassland’s field chocobo, which is easily caught during its tutorial. Please note that this guide is a work in progress.

Junon’s Mountain Chocobo

To capture Belle, the chocobo on Junon’s Mountain, you must skillfully hide behind moving crates. These crates only move when you pull the lever, so the key is to synchronize your movements with theirs, particularly challenging in the final part.

If you’re consulting this guide, you’re likely stuck at this point. Begin the sequence by throwing a rock from the batch of tall grass and position yourself on the side of the cart opposite the chocobos’ line of sight.

Follow the cart from the outer circle initially.

As you reach the back corner, switch from the outer circle to the inner circle to avoid being spotted by the chocobo on your right. Move quickly, possibly rolling if necessary.

Once past it, transition back to the outer circle until you can position yourself behind Belle. Avoid rolling near any chocobo, as the noise could give you away.

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Then, once you’ve passed it, transition once again to the outer circle until you can get behind Belle. Do NOT roll when you’re near any chocobo as the sound can give you away.

Chocobos you can obtain from the main story

The following chocobos can be obtained as you progress through FF7 Rebirth’s chapters. I’ll note down when you can acquire them.

  • Corel’s Chocobo (near Costa Del Sol): After the events at Costa Del Sol’s beach
  • Gongaga’s Forest Chocobo: After assessing the state of the Gongaga reactor
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