How to use the Sims 4 Debug Cheat

Alright, fellow Simmers! Let’s dive into the secret world of unlocking all those drool-worthy objects in The Sims 4. You want to pamper your virtual pals with the finest, and guess what? We’re spilling the beans on the Sims 4 debug cheat in Build mode. Buckle up, it’s about to get debug-tastic!

How to unlock objects with Debug Cheat in Sims 4

First things first – no need to panic! These debug cheats are the real deal, straight from the developers’ toolkit. You won’t be breaking the game; you’ll just be unlocking a treasure trove of goodies. But, before you dive into the debug wonderland, you gotta activate them console commands. Here’s the lowdown:

How to activate the console commands in Sims 4

  • PC players, hit Ctrl + Shift + c.
  • Mac mavens, it’s Command (the Drone button or ⌘) + Shift + c.
  • Console commanders on PS4 and Xbox One, press all four shoulder buttons on them controllers.

Now that you’ve cracked the code to console commands, let’s venture into the debug realm.

How to activate Debug Cheats in Sims 4

The Sims 4 debug cheat is your golden ticket to objects that were playing hard to get in Build Mode. Think of it like the all skills cheat – but for furnishing your virtual haven. Here’s the drill:

  1. Activate the console in Build Mode: Type in testingCheats true. Boom! Debug menu cheats, activated.
  2. Use the debug codes:
  • First, enter bb.showHiddenObjects to trigger Buy Debug Mode. Now you’ve got access to goodies that were on lockdown.
  • Next, throw in bb.showLiveEditObjects to level up your object game. This one unleashes a plethora of objects – collectibles, decor, and yes, even cars.

Important note: Enter the codes in the exact order we’re laying down. Mess up the sequence, and the magic won’t happen. Once you’ve punched in the codes, head to the Build Mode search bar at the bottom-left of your screen and type in “debug.” Say hello to the debug menu, where you can snatch up all the shiny new items.

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