How to use the Recoilless Rifle in Helldivers 2

The Recoilless Rifle serves as a solid addition to your Stratagem arsenal in Helldivers 2. Utilizing this weapon demands consistent accuracy, patience, and support from teammates for swift reloading. However, if you’re tackling missions solo, reloading this rifle may prompt some reconsideration of your choice.

Helldivers 2: Recoilless Rifle guide

You can acquire the Recoilless Rifle relatively early in your Helldiver 2 journey. The product description and promotional video highlight its quick reload time and potent projectiles. Yet, users may encounter inconsistency with each projectile during missions.

Quickly switching to first-person mode with the Recoilless Rifle (using the scroll wheel or clicking R3) enhances accuracy, albeit sacrificing peripheral vision. When aiming, focus on specific weak spots of the target, denoted by red areas on Automaton enemies or yellow muscle-like areas on Terminid enemies.

Avoid aiming for the ground near enemies in hopes of hitting multiple targets, as the Recoilless Rifle lacks the capability to damage multiple foes like grenades. Instead, its primary function is to eliminate singular massive targets. Aim for limbs to incapacitate enemies, facilitating follow-up shots to finish them off.

While the Recoilless Rifle excels at dispatching low-tiered enemies, its true strength lies in targeting light armor. Concentrate projectiles on enemies where the armor icon indicates bullet penetration, typically larger foes in swarms or designated Eliminate Automaton/Terminid missions.

Taking down larger enemies like Chargers typically requires a minimum of two projectiles from the Recoilless Rifle. Maintain a safe distance from nearby enemies to avoid overwhelming encounters and sustain damage.

For solo players, prioritize clearing nearby low-tiered enemies before focusing on the rifle’s target. In team settings, employ distractions or precision rifles to eliminate potential reinforcements while the Recoilless Rifle user targets weak spots.

Lastly, seek cover when reloading the rifle solo. Having a teammate equipped with a support weapon backpack for reloading allows continuous targeting of armored enemies without the need for repositioning as a solo player.

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