How to upgrade Crafting Workbenches in Nightingale

Your Crafting Workbenches in Nightingale serve as the sole means to fashion proper equipment, essential for tackling the more formidable challenges across each realm. They allow you to craft beneficial items and enhance your gear, yet the process of upgrading them can be perplexing.

Nightingale’s rules don’t explicitly outline the procedure for upgrading your Workbenches. It’s a knowledge you gather gradually as you progress through the game, and even then, certain aspects might still puzzle you. I encountered this myself while playing. Here’s what you need to understand about upgrading your Crafting Workbenches in Nightingale.

What do you do to upgrade your Crafting Workbenches in Nightingale?

It all hinges on advancing through Nightingale’s main questline and achieving story progression milestones. The pivotal site you must conquer is the Provisioner Site of Power, where you need to attain a level 40 Gear Score. Upon completion, you’ll commence unlocking upgraded Crafting Workbenches, granting access to additional tools and resources.

Navigating through these quests may require considerable time. However, until you conquer the Provisioner Site of Power, you need not feel daunted about utilizing equipment from enhanced Crafting Workbenches. Once achieved, you can start crafting the Upgraded Workbenches, placing them in your base and utilizing the Augments discovered during your Nightingale endeavors to unlock more crafting recipes.


You may have attempted to position these beside the Simple Workbenches, but they weren’t functional as they weren’t designed to utilize those Augments.

If you find yourself unsure about what tasks to focus on, consult your quest journal to identify pending objectives. Main quests assigned by Puck serve as excellent guides to comprehend Nightingale’s gameplay mechanics and prepare you for the unpredictable nature of various realms. Having a Portal at your primary base facilitates swift traversal to favored locations.

Personally, I meticulously embarked on Nightingale quests, constructing a fortified character and establishing a base conducive to effortless crafting and recipe experimentation. This significantly eased the process of unlocking the Upgraded Workbenches.

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