How to unlock your Mastery in Last Epoch

Last Epoch offers a diverse range of builds to empower your character against adversaries, but to unlock most of them, you must attain Mastery.

In Last Epoch, class Masteries aren’t immediately accessible; they become available only after dedicating substantial time to the game. Despite the wait, the rewards are significant, granting access to potent skills and passive enhancements.

When do you unlock Mastery in Last Epoch?

Mastery unlocks for classes in Last Epoch at the onset of Chapter 4 within the campaign. Following the completion of Chapter 3 in the Ruined Era, you’ll reach the End of Time, where you can select your Mastery as part of the main storyline.

However, there’s an additional criterion: you must have allocated 20 points into your base class skill tree to enable the option for unlocking masteries. If you haven’t met this threshold, you’ll need to focus on leveling up.

Even if you invest 20 points in your base class skill tree before encountering the Mastery quest in Chapter 4, you won’t unlock your Mastery prematurely. Instead, you’ll need to progress further in the story until you reach that juncture.

Remember, your choice of Mastery is permanent and cannot be altered. If you wish to explore a different Mastery for your selected class, you’ll need to start a new character. Nonetheless, you’ll still retain access to the Nodes on the left side of the skill tree for the two Masteries you didn’t opt for.

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