How to unlock the Deja Vu achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

Have you ever felt déjà vu while playing Honkai: Star Rail? The concept is introduced multiple times as you journey into the Dreamscape, but its significance in unlocking a well-hidden secret achievement might elude many players. Here’s what you need to do to unlock the secret Deja Vu achievement in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to unlock the Deja Vu hidden achievement in Honkai: Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, to unlock the Deja Vu achievement, you need to enter the Dreamscape located in Penacony and interact with any trashcan you come across.

Reaching Dreamscape requires completing the main storyline quest in Honkai. Additionally, you should aim to be at least level 80 to successfully tackle the various enemies introduced in the Dreamscape storyline.

Déjà vu holds significance in the dream world, and it’s likely not the last time we’ll encounter this concept. If you’ve ever searched inside a trashcan for hidden items, you might experience déjà vu in the game. There’s an inside joke about the main character rummaging through trash, and the Deja Vu achievement humorously acknowledges your repeated trashcan explorations, subtly implying the developers’ amusement.

Where are all the hidden achievements in Honkai: Star Rail?

Each new zone in Honkai: Star Rail presents opportunities to earn hidden achievements. You can discover these achievements by exploring the environment, interacting with NPCs, or engaging with objects throughout the city. With over 30 achievements waiting to be found, there’s plenty to uncover for players who seek out all the hidden achievements scattered across the game.

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